Beef Keema (serves 4-6)

Beef Keema by The Fat Foodie

Beef keema is an Indian curry which is based on slow cooked beef mince and peas in a rich tomato sauce. Although I make mine with beef mince you can also make it with lamb mince if you prefer. As with many curries, such as my¬†Lamb Dansac, this beef keema is absolutely fantastic when cooked throughout the day in the slow cooker, particularly when the weather’s definitely on the turn towards winter and you look forward to coming home to a warming meal after work.

This beef keema is packed full of flavour and, in my eyes, just the right level of spicing. It’s rich, hearty and is an absolute doddle to make. As it’s quite a robust curry I don’t think it needs rice to go along with it, so I tend to serve my beef keema with gluten-free naan breads and lactose-free natural yoghurt that’s generously mixed with chopped fresh coriander leaves, but feel free to bulk it out with rice, if you like. It’d certainly make it stretch further if you have a lot of mouths to feed.


450g minced beef

2 large carrots (peeled and diced)

3 tbsps fresh minced ginger

2 tbsps garam masala

2 tsps ground turmeric

360g tinned chopped tomatoes

60g frozen garden peas

1/4 tsp dried chilli flakes (to taste)

100ml beef stock

To serve:

100g lactose-free natural yoghurt (or non-dairy version)

20g fresh coriander leaves



Place your ingredients in the slow cooker and mix well. Cook on low throughout the day.

When the time comes, cook your rice and mix the coriander leaves into the natural yoghurt.

Serve the beef keema on top of the boiled rice with a dollop of the coriander yoghurt.

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