Hello and welcome to The Fat Foodie!

My name is Jane and I Iive in Stirling, Scotland.

I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes (and spending far too much money on cookbooks!), but so frequently I hear from friends (and customers who come into the bookshop that I work in) that they won’t try to cook recipes themselves because it seems too hard and that they don’t feel that they have the skills to create a dish from scratch, a belief which is often very wrong.

Most home cooking isn’t hard and can be considerably healthier than a shop-bought version, so the mission statement of The Fat Foodie is to help make home cooking easy, relatively fast, and uncomplicated. I aim to provide an uplifting, visually celebratory experience of food while offering inspirational ideas for you to take forth in your own culinary adventures.

I create recipes which use low FODMAP foods, a system of eating which is designed to help IBS sufferers. (You can find out more about the FODMAP diet here.) As a result, most of my recipes are gluten-free and are either dairy-free or low in lactose.

I’d love to hear feedback on my website, so please feel free to get in touch with me and if there are any recipes or types of food that you’d like to see featured then please let me know.

Now, let’s go have some adventures in the world of food!

With lots of love, The Fat Foodie  xxx

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