Low FODMAP Gingerbread (serves 12)

Low FODMAP Gingerbread by The Fat Foodie

When people say the word ‘gingerbread’ it tends to conjure up the image of two options: either crispy gingerbread men biscuits or soft, sticky gingerbread cake. I’ve already featured gingerbread biscuits before on the website in the form of Gingerbread People, but I thought it’d be nice to post a recipe for a delicious and warming gingerbread cake too. Continue reading

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Gingerbread People (makes 12-14)

Gingerbread People by The Fat Foodie

At Christmas time you can’t beat munching delicious gender-neutral biscuit gingerbread people. I just love the fragrant Christmassy warmth that ginger brings to biscuit dough. I might be a bit odd in this respect, but I don’t like my gingerbread to be really hard. There’s nothing worse than hurting your gums on a piece of overly-hard biscuit, so I much prefer a gentle, crumblier, but still robust biscuit texture. This is achieved by using custard powder in the mix, which also adds a vanilla flavour to the gingerbread people.

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