Pinwheel Sausage Rolls (makes 8)

Pinwheel Sausage Rolls by The Fat Foodie

Sometimes there’s nothing tastier than a hot sausage roll that’s fresh out of the oven, but because they’re really rich they can sometimes sit quite heavy in your tummy. That’s where these pinwheel sausage rolls come in. When I was a kid my Mum used to make these with just sausagemeat and puff pastry and they were absolutely delicious, but my adult palate needs a little bit more excitement so I’ve tweaked the recipe to make them even better.

The pinwheel sausage rolls have dried sage incorporated within their sausagemeat filling which goes really well with the pork sausagemeat and makes them taste beautifully herby. I also added dairy-free soft cheese to the filling which adds a wonderful creamy taste and texture to them and lends a lovely contrast to the crispy puff pastry casing. You don’t need to use soft cheese if you don’t want to,¬†they’ll still be really tasty if you leave it out, but it really is a gorgeous addition to the mix.

The beauty of these pinwheel sausage rolls is that instead of having a thick block of solid sausagemeat running through a solid pastry case, in these pinwheels the sausagemeat and cream cheese is spread between thin rolls of crispy, flaky puff pastry, making them a light and delicate, but still substantial, sage-infused sausage roll. I served mine with a simple dressed salad, but if you want a more filling meal you could serve them with vegetables and gravy. Whatever way you choose, they’ll still blow your socks off.


500g block of gluten-free puff pastry

A pack of good quality sausages which are gluten-free and have no onion or garlic in their seasoning (around 350g worth)

200g of lactose-free soft cheese (or a dairy-free version)

1 tsp of dried sage (you could go up to 2 tsps if you’re a real sage fiend)

1/2 tsp ground pepper

2 tbsps of chopped chives

1 egg

12 fresh sage leaves (optional decoration)


Remove the sausages from their casings and place into a mixing bowl. Add the dried sage, ground pepper and chopped chives and mix through the sausagemeat.

Roll out the puff pastry into a large rectangle.

Puff Pastry Ready for the Filling

Spread the sausagemeat onto the puff pastry and then spread the cream cheese on top.

The Sausagemeat and Cream Cheese Filling on Top of the Puff Pastry

Brush the farthest away edge of the pastry with beaten egg and roll up the pastry tightly starting from the longest edge closest to you.

The Pinwheel Sausage Rolls Being Rolled Up

Cut the pastry roll into discs around 2cm wide and place them lying down on greaseproofed baking trays.

Glaze with beaten egg and a fresh sage leaf before baking in the oven for 15-20 mins until golden brown.

Pinwheel Sausage Rolls by The Fat Foodie

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