Chocolate Tiffin (makes 15)

Chocolate Tiffin by The Fat Foodie

Sometimes the pressures of life can only be relieved through indulging in something that’s sweet, rich and covered in thick chocolate, such as a slice of this chocolate tiffin. Now, there’s no denying that this chocolate tiffin isn’t remotely healthy, but I’m a firm believer that a little bit of tastiness does you good once in a while.

Chocolate tiffin has been around for a long time (since the early 1900s, if Wikipedia can be believed) and it’s a firm favourite with kids and adults alike. I think that the beauty of it lies in the fact that it is very quick and easy to make, but it tastes extremely luxurious. When it comes to this recipe one piece is a low FODMAP portion.

Before you run off to make it I’ll offer a word of warning in that you need to use either butter or coconut oil for this instead of margarine or a softer substitute for the butter and coconut oil because it needs to set firm. If you don’t it won’t hold together as a firm traybake. Also, this is one of those bakes in which the final taste result is entirely dependent upon the quality of the ingredients you put into it, so I’d highly advise you to not be tempted to use inferior ingredients.

This chocolate tiffin is comprised of a soft, buttery base layer that’s interspersed with sweet little raisins, soft, pillowy mini marshmallows and chunks of crushed digestive rubble, all of which is topped with a thick layer of melted dark chocolate. It really is a chocoholic’s dream come true.


120g butter or coconut oil

2 tbsps golden syrup

2 tbsps cocoa powder

100g gluten-free digestive biscuits (crushed into large pieces)

50g raisins

200g dark chocolate

30g mini marshmallows (use vegan, if required)


Line a baking tin (approximately 16 x 20cm or 6″ by 8″ in size) with greaseproof paper.

Melt the butter (or coconut oil) and golden syrup together in a saucepan over a low heat and then stir in the cocoa powder.

Add the crushed digestives, mini marshmallows and the raisins and mix well.

Pour the mixture into the baking tin and press it down firmly to create the base layer of your chocolate tiffin.

Gently melt the dark chocolate in your microwave, stirring frequently so it doesn’t burn, and then pour the melted chocolate over the top of your tiffin base.

Put it in the fridge and once it’s almost solidified cut it into 15 portions. Once it’s fully set, serve.

The Fat Foodie Cookbook is now available!

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The Fat Foodie Cookbook is now available!

On Kindle!

And in paperback!

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