Halloumi Kebabs with Asian Dressing (serves 2)

Halloumi Kebabs with Asian Dressing by The Fat Foodie

Halloumi seems to divide people into two camps. There are those who love its firm, chewy, creamy texture and others who think its ‘squeaky’ texture is an abomination within the fromage world. I fall into the former congregation. Although halloumi contains lactose, it is low FODMAP at a serving of 50g, although you can increase this portion to 100g if you’re okay with digesting lactose.

Halloumi goes really well with most vegetables, particularly if you char-grill them, so halloumi kebabs are perfect for cooking on a barbecue or in a griddle pan. I like to place my kebabs in my griddle pan and leave them still just long enough for the vegetables to slightly char and caramelise. This provides the perfect slightly bitter contrast to the soft creaminess of the halloumi cheese.

I paired my halloumi kebabs with an Asian dressing that’s really easy to knock up. In fact, I simply placed all of my dressing ingredients in a clean jam jar and shook it vigorously until the dressing came together. The dressing really complements the halloumi kebabs and allows the individual flavours of the kebab vegetables to come through without being overpowered.

At this time of the year I’m always on the lookout for BBQ recipes and this is one that I know I’ll use several times in the next few months. The halloumi kebabs are strung with chunks of fresh vegetables which are interspersed with seared halloumi cheese and the whole thing is elevated to incredible by the sweet and sour Asian dressing. You’ll be chucking these kebabs on your ‘barbie’ all summer long.

Ingredients for the halloumi kebabs:

100g halloumi (cut into thick cubes)

120g courgette (cut into discs)

100g red bell pepper (cut into bite-sized pieces)

100g green bell pepper (cut into bite-sized pieces)

1 common tomato

Ingredients for the Asian dressing:

1/2 a red chilli (but add more or less to suit your own taste)

2 tbsps soy sauce (or tamari – a gluten-free version)

2 tsps brown sugar

2 tbsps lime juice

1 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsps fresh coriander (finely chopped)

2 tbsps peanut butter


Prepare your halloumi kebab ingredients as directed and divide them equally onto six kebab skewers.

If you’re cooking these halloumi kebabs in the house, preheat a griddle pan until hot and place the kebabs in it, cooking them on all sides until slightly charred. If you’re cooking them on the BBQ place them over medium-hot coals and rotate them periodically until they’re cooked all the way round.

In the meantime, make your Asian dressing by mixing all of the dressing ingredients together in a bowl until blended.

Once your halloumi kebabs are cooked serve them with the Asian dressing on the side.

Halloumi Kebabs with Asian Dressing by The Fat Foodie

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