Fruit Salad (serves 4)

Fruit Salad by The Fat Foodie

On occasion, if I’ve had a really rich meal for dinner the night before, I wake up with very little appetite and I only want something very light for breakfast that morning. This is often especially the case in the summertime when I don’t feel like eating a heavy breakfast first thing in the morning. Fruit salad fits that remit perfectly because although it is light it’s also extremely satisfying for the taste buds. Fruit can be tricky when it comes to the FODMAP diet because many fruits are naturally very high in fructose. However, there are a number of fruits which are low FODMAP and many of them are actually FODMAP-free!

You can make your fruit salad from suitably low FODMAP fruits, such as grapes (which contain no FODMAPs), bananas (low FODMAP in servings of less than 100g and should only be consumed when firm and  with no black spots on the skin), blueberries (low FODMAP in servings of less than 28g), Cantaloupe and honeydew melon (low FODMAP in servings of less than 90g), star fruit or carambola (which contain no FODMAPs), clementines and mandarins (which contain no FODMAPs), ripe guava (which contains no FODMAPs, but unripe guava is unsuitable), kiwi fruit (low FODMAP in servings of less than 150g), mangosteen (low FODMAP in servings of less than 24g), passionfruit (low FODMAP in servings of less than 23g), paw paw (which contain no FODMAPs), pineapple (low FODMAP in servings of less than 140g), raspberries (low FODMAP in servings of less than 45g) and strawberries (which contain no FODMAPs).

However, with the exception of the fruits which contain no FODMAPs, you must bear in mind that care must be taken with the fruits which are low FODMAP so that you avoid stacking up FODMAPs by having too many low FODMAP fruits at once. I normally make my fruit salad with small portions of the fruits I’m using, so that I avoid stacking too many low FODMAP fruits at once. A low FODMAP serving of this fruit salad is one metric cup (approximately 220g), but if in doubt consult a dietitian.

Although this is my standard go-to fruit salad recipe made from fruits I normally have in my fridge and freezer, feel free to tweak it to suit your own tastes. Just make sure you don’t overstack your FODMAPs. (I’d advise using the Monash app to ensure your quantities are safe.)

I like to serve my fruit salad with a dollop of non-dairy yoghurt on top because I enjoy the contrast between the sweet, tart fruits and the creamy yoghurt, but I’ve known many people who go one step further and top theirs with a dollop of whipped lactose-free cream. To each their own, I say!


2 kiwis (peeled)

1 ripe firm banana (with no spots on the skin)

2 clementines or mandarins

50g blueberries

50g pomegranate seeds

100g grapes

100g strawberries (sliced)

1 tbsp freshly chopped mint leaves (optional)

Lemon juice (to prevent the chopped banana browning)

Lactose-free yoghurt (or a non-dairy version)


Simply prepare your fruits by peeling and chopping them as required.

Drizzle a little lemon juice on top to prevent the bananas browning (although if you’re going to eat the fruit salad immediately you can skip this step).

Serve in bowls either as it comes or with a dollop of lactose-free yoghurt or a non-dairy version.

Fruit Salad by The Fat Foodie

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