Poached Eggs on Toast (serves 1)

Poached Eggs on Toast by The Fat Foodie

Poached Eggs on Toast by The Fat Foodie

Okay, confession time. I can’t make poached eggs on toast to save myself. I’ve tried all the tricks going: creating a whirlpool in the pan of hot water; making sure the water’s only just simmering rather than being at a fast boil; and adding vinegar to the cooking water. It just never seems to work for me.

I think where I go wrong is that I never seem to use the really fresh eggs that chefs recommend. My eggs aren’t that old really, I’m only 36 after all  😉  The problem is, I eat eggs so infrequently that they’re normally a couple of weeks old when I take the notion to eat poached eggs on toast. Thankfully, this morning’s eggy endeavour was pretty successful. Although, in all honesty, I did still have to trim quite a bit of straggly egg white off my eggs in order to make my photo look ‘sexier’. They tasted very lovely though!

I know I’m a big one for preparing ingredients beforehand so that they’re ready to be used immediately when you need them while cooking a recipe, but I like to crack the eggs into a little dish in advance so that I can thoroughly inspect them for eggshell before using. I cannot abide eggshell! (*gags a little at the thought*)  It also makes it easier to just pop them in the water while you’re juggling making your toast at the same time.

If you follow these instructions you should (in theory) make some cracking poached eggs, but if not and you find yourself struggling to make decent poached eggs, consider buying a set of silicone poached egg cups. My Mum swears by them and says that the poached eggs just pop straight out of the silicone moulds so they make poaching eggs an absolute doddle.


2 fresh eggs

1 tbsp. of white wine vinegar

A slice or two of gluten-free bread

1 tbsp butter (or non-dairy version)

Salt and pepper


Add the vinegar to a pan of hot water and let it boil at a slow, gentle simmer.

Prepare your bread for toasting.

Stir the water with a spoon so that a whirlpool is created in the centre of the pan and gently slide your eggs one at a time into the whirlpool.

Poach for 3-4 mins, depending on how soft you like your eggs, toasting and buttering your bread in the meantime.

Remove the eggs from the water with a slotted spoon and drain on a piece of kitchen towel.

Place on top of your toast and season with salt and pepper.

Poached Eggs on Toast by The Fat Foodie

Poached Eggs on Toast by The Fat Foodie

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