Vegan Scotch Broth


Vegan Scotch Broth by The Fat Foodie

Scotch broth is a Scottish soup that is traditionally made using a meaty stock made of mutton or lamb and is packed full of pearl barley, yellow split peas, green split peas and red lentils. I my opinion though, the dried pulses are hearty enough on their own that it’s not necessary to include meat in the soup.

If you have problems digesting oligo-fructans or galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) then I’d sit this one out, my friends, but if that’s not an issue for you then you’d better get your soup pot at the ready and get a fresh loaf baking in your oven!

When I make scotch broth I always make a big pot of it because it means that I can take portions of it as packed lunches to work for a few days and I can freeze whatever I’m not going to use that week in separate containers to defrost the night before I need them. This vegan scotch broth has to be one of the cheapest and easiest meals you can make (I estimate it cost under £3.00 to make) and you can feed loads of people with it (I’d say at least 10 adults), especially if you serve it with a big, fresh, crusty loaf.

One of the benefits of making a big pot of scotch broth soup is that you can add any vegetables that need to be used up in your fridge. I’ve made this before with parsnips instead of carrots and onions instead of leeks and the result are always excellent. To be honest, when it comes to soup, its tastiness mainly comes down to how well it’s seasoned. It might seem extensive to add six Oxo cubes to your stockpot, but the pulses are pretty bland and they soak up the seasoning like little sponges.

I’d always recommend that you don’t add any salt until the vegetables and pulses have all been cooked until they’re soft and the soup is ready to eat. It’s at that point that you should have a taste of your soup and decide whether to add more seasoning or not. And remember, what’s under-seasoned to some may taste over-seasoned to others so err on the safe side and be conservative with the salt pot because people can always add more at the dining table if they so wish. I love to season my soup bowl with a lot of freshly ground black pepper, but my partner added a dollop of HP Sauce to theirs and said it was delicious. To each their own.

Serve your soup piping hot with thickly cut chunks of fresh crusty bread that’s spread with good butter (or vegan butter) and enjoy!


500g bag of Scotch Broth Mix

1/2 a turnip

3 large carrots

The green tops of 2 leeks

6 gluten-free vegetable stock cubes

3 litres of boiling water


Put a large stockpot containing around 3 litres of boiling water on a medium high heat.

Grate (or chop up) all of the vegetables (I peeled them all, then cut them into pieces and chucked them into my food processor) and add them to the boiling water along with the Oxo cubes and broth mix.

Boil steadily, stirring regularly, for at least an hour or until the broth mix is soft when you test it. (Add more water if you think it’s getting too thick.)

Taste and add more stock cubes or seasoning if required.

Serve with good crusty bread spread with lots of butter (or vegan butter).


Vegan Scotch Broth by The Fat Foodie

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